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6 Yellow Foods For Good Digestion

Everyone wants to stay as healthy as possible. Everyone knows that they need to have balanced nutrients and active in daily life. One of the crucial points of balanced nutrients is the rainbow colors on foods. Rainbow is metaphorical. It simply means various colors of foods.

More color is better. Why? It’s because foods are known to have various properties that will help to promote health. Each color will represent the particular package of nutrients.

If one wishes to get foods for good digestion, consider to get fresh and whole foods in various colors.

Get foods in blue, green, orange, purple, red and yellow colors. These foods contain different types of pigment. There are three pigment types. Carotenoids give orange/yellow colors. Chlorophyll is the green of green foods. Last is flavonoids that provides cream colors, blue and also red on fruits and vegetables.

Each one of them has the different nutrients package that will help improving health. This article will be focused on yellow foods and nutrients in them. What nutrients can be acquired and in what way the foods improve digestion. Various details about the foods will be explained.

Foods For Good Digestion

Healthy foods digestion is something good. However, yellow foods will give more than that. The yellow foods contain beta-carotene, lycopene, vitamin C, flavonoids, potassium and zeaxanthin. These are nutrients that will help lowering LDL cholesterol, risks of cancer and blood pressure.

These nutrients will help reducing the risk of age-related macular degeneration. Promoting healthy joints and collagen formation, fighting free radicals, assisting detoxification, encouraging the healthy balance of alkaline and working with calcium and magnesium for healthier bones are all benefits from eating yellow foods.

The Health of Digestive System

The gut is one of the most important systems inside of the body. It is the system that connects inner and outer world. The system will take time to process foods and absorb the necessary nutrients. The digestion system is the center of body immune system. It produces neurotransmitters and the other proteins that will be needed.

There are a lot of important functions and if there is something wrong, many diseases will come and attack the gut. Therefore, it is important to maintain the health by taking foods for digestion problems that will also help maintaining the health. The followings are five good yellow or orange foods to help protect, soothe and also facilitate the healthy gut.


Cantaloupe For Good Digestion

These are sweet fruits that contain the compounds to fight diseases and also detoxifiers. The fruits are rich in the antioxidant vitamins, A and C. Cantaloupes also promote digestive health and support healthier immune system. The fruits also contain a very nice amount of fiber which is a good thing because the sweetness of cantaloupes will get to bloodstream slowly and keeping levels of blood sugar regulated.

The high water content will help by acting as diuretic of the body and encourage detoxification. Cantaloupes are easily digested and will give a fair amount of time for digestive system to take a rest.


Carrots For Good Digestion

These orange vegetables are known to be rich with beta-carotene, carotenoids alpha-carotene and also lutein. Carrots also contain polyacetylenes, falcarinol and falcarindiol. These polyacetylenes are believed to help reducing risk of breast colon and lung cancers. They might as well fight the growth of cancer cells.

Simply chewing a carrot will help increasing saliva production and this will help the process of digestion and the process of supplying minerals, enzymes and also vitamins. Vitamin A in carrot helps to fight micro-organism and will keep the foods lubricated to reach stomach. Regular carrot consumption will prevent peptic ulcers, gastric ulcers, colitis and indigestion.


The acidic fruits will help to detoxify the body especially the liver. Lemons will help to dissolve toxins such as uric acid from liver. They will also help stimulating healthier bowel movement. Therefore, a lot of experts of health recommend the consumption of warm lemon water in every morning.

Lemons are good to alkalize the body although that the fruits are acidic. It will help the body to reach optimum health and get ideal condition for the body. In short, lemon juice will help the body to flush away the toxins and any unwanted materials from the digestive system, from the body. Lemons are very good foods for good digestion.


Mangos For Good Digestion

These tropical peaches are rich in dietary fiber. This will lead to the lower possibility of development for gastrointestinal disorders including the Crohn’s disease. Fiber in mangos will be digested and fermented and in the end, it contributes the proliferation of the healthy microbiota.

This will lead to help the body decreasing inflammation and properly boost functions of immune system. Mangos are foods improve digestion through fiber. According to a study, mangos are able to help preventing cells of cancers from growing.

Organic Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn For Good Digestion

The sweet corn meant here is the yellow one. The white one is sweet but the yellow one is better in nutrients. Corn is great source of dietary fiber. It also has vitamins B1 and B5 alongside vitamin C, folate, manganese and phosphorus. Corn is included as good foods for healthy foods digestion because of the nutrients and dietary fiber.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes For Good Digestion

Just like other fruits and vegetables with orange color, sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene. They are good foods for digestion problems. This is the compound that will be converted into vitamin A. What makes sweet potatoes special is superiority in raising levels of vitamin A.

In particular varieties of sweet potatoes, anti oxidants can also be found. Anthocyanins are known to be found in sweet potatoes with purple flesh. The antioxidant will provide the good protection against free radical, toxins, heavy metals and inflammatory.

Aside of food mentioned above, there are also the followings yellow foods that will also give equal benefits:Apricots, Butternut squashes, Golden kiwifruits, Nectarine, Pineapple, Yellow beets, Yellow figs, Yellow peppers, Yellow potatoes, Yellow summer squashes, Yellow tomatoes, Yellow winter squashes

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