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11 Natural and Alternative Remedies for Allergies

Spring and summer are the perfect time of year to spend most of your day, outdoors and enjoy nature. Some people use these seasons to tend their gardens while the children play outside the patio or swim in the pool. Though, how would enjoy what these seasons bring if you’re vulnerable to allergies?

Itchy, watery eyes, stuffy nose, sneezing, and inability to breathe are just some of the common symptoms of allergies and it’s totally bothersome. Thus, it refrains most people to enjoy outdoors, but stay inside the house instead.

Likewise, once the allergies attack, most people would resort to medicines that aren’t even cheap. Little did you know, there are natural remedies for allergies that work effectively. Here are some of them.

1. Local Honey

Despite the fact that there aren’t enough studies to support the effects of honey when it comes to treating allergies, a lot of people who have tried this remedy could attest the wonders that honey could bring.

Honey contains a variety of pollen that has been brought by bees who make it. Thus, one could assume that the locally-produced honey could be as effective as the grass pollen immunotherapy.

Natural Remedies for Allergies

It works in a way where the immune system would be gradually exposed to small amounts of pollen, until it could eventually desensitize the immune system. Additionally, honey contains complex carbohydrates, making it a step above other natural sweeteners. So, what are you waiting for? Check your local supermarkets now and have a supply of honey ready whenever your allergies attack.

2. Bromelain

Bromelain could be extracted from pineapple stems and juice. It’s an enzyme that could relieve inflammation caused by allergies. To experience its maximum effects, it’s ideal to take Bromelain together with an anti-histamine.

3. Quercetin

Quercetin is an antioxidant present in onions, apples, green tea, red wine, and berries. This substance hinders the immune system from releasing histamines that could cause an allergic reaction. Likewise, it also has anti-inflammatory properties that could alleviate nasal congestion and sinus pressure.

4. Butterbur

Butterbur for allergiesFirst on the list of natural remedies for allergies is the Butterbur. It belongs to the genus of Petasites and have been used as an herbal remedy for decades. It could relieve headaches, inflammation, and symptoms linked to grass pollen (hay fever). However, even though it’s an effective remedy for allergies, it should still be taken with great caution.

The plant contains a highly toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids that could damage the liver and cause cancer. Therefore, only opt for Butterbur extracts that are certified to be PA-free.

5. Timothy Grass

Throughout the years, Timothy Grass has been used as a remedy for allergies. Though, back then, it’s commonly referred as the “Phleum Pratense.” It’s safe for children and even people with asthma, that’s why it’s the most preferred anti-allergen of all times. It acts like a vaccine when taken in small doses and gradually immunizes hay fever. In homeopathic preparation, it could be taken in tablet and liquid form.

6. Stinging Nettle

Don’t let its unfriendly name fool you. The Stinging nettle is considered to be an effective remedy for allergies and it has several uses as well. This herbal medicine should be taken as soon as the first signs of seasonal allergies appear.

Keep in mind though, this herb should be handled with great care because the parts of the plant used to treat allergies are covered with tiny hairs that could sting when touched.

7. Guduchi

Guduchi for allergiesGuduchi was a famous herb in the Ayurverdic pharmacy. It’s also known as “Amrit,” which is a Sanskrit word that means “imperishable.” Recently, the western world started to use this herb as a way to treat inflammation, cure the immune system, stress-related illness, skin ailments, prevent colds, and eliminate the toxins in the liver and the blood. This supplement has been proven to be effective in strengthening the immune system, and in eliminating the symptoms brought by hay fever.

8. Neti Pot

This handy device could cleanse the allergens from the nasal cavity with the help of saline rinse. To be fully effective, it’s advisable to utilize the Neti Pot cleanse twice a day.

Bottom Line

Everyone’s immune system is different. Which implies, not all natural remedies for allergies would work the same for everyone. Therefore, it’s ideal to experiment with these natural remedies for allergies in order to determine which one would give the most positive result.

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